Boron Promoted on Crystallization and Microstructure of Strontium Containing Mica Glass-Ceramics

Amit Mallik

Department of Chemistry, Siliguri College, Siliguri-734 001, India


The process of nucleation and crystallization of SrO·4MgO·Al2O3· 6SiO2·2MgF2 glasses with B2O3 as nucleating agent were characterized by differential thermal analysis, X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscopy. A number of glass-ceramics of each glass batch with excess B2O3 [SR2 (2 % B2O3), SR4 (4 % B2O3), SR6 (6 % B2O3) and SR8 (8 % B2O3)] were made by heating at its respective nucleation temperature followed by different ceramization temperatures (800- 1000 ºC). The analysis of DTA result indicated that the crystallization peak (Tp) and glass transition (Tg) temperatures decreased with increasing B2O3 content. It was also found that the higher B2O3 content, the higher the aspect ratio of fluorphlogopite crystal.


Glass, Ceramics, Nucleation, Crystallization, Microstructure

  • Asian J. Mat. Chem. /
  •  2018 /
  •  3(1-2) /
  •  pp 8-13
  • DOI:10.14233/ajmc.2018.AJMC-P57