Corrosion Behaviour of Red Mud Particulate Reinforced Aluminium 6013 Composites by Potentiodynamic Polarization

K.N. Chandrashekara1,* , B. Narasimha Murthy2, P.V. Krupakara3 and K. Sreenivas3

1Department of Chemistry, Sri Jagadguru Chandrashekaranatha Institute of Technology, Chikballapur- 562101, India

2Department of Chemistry CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore-560 037, India

3Department of Chemistry, Adarsha Institute of Technology, Bangalore-562 110, India

*To whom correspondence to be addressed: E-mail: [email protected]


Metal matrix composites containing Aluminium 6013 as matrix are getting considerable applications in the automotive, aerospace and other related fields. Ceramic particulates as reinforcement particles in Al-based metal matrix composites will have a great influence on corrosion resistance. This study gives the details of corrosion beha-viour of red mud particulate reinforced Aluminium 6013 composites in neutral medium by potentiodynamic polarization techniques using electrochemical work station. Composites are manufactured by stir casting method. Composites of Aluminium 6013 containing red mud particulates with different weight percentage were manufactured. Aluminium 6013 alloy was also casted for comparison. Corrosion rates of composite materials were found to be decreased when compared with that of matrix alloy. Therefore, composite materials are more suitable for application in marine engineering than matrix alloy.


Aluminium-6013, Red mud, Liquid stir casting method, Vortex.

  • Asian J. Mat. Chem. /
  •  2018 /
  •  3(3) /
  •  pp 47-50
  • DOI:10.14233/ajmc.2018.AJMC-P58