Preparation of Cypermethrin Loaded PLGA/PVA Nanoparticles as Medical Vector Control

Vahid Derakhsh Ahmadi1, Zahra Rafiei-Karahroudi1, Shila Goldasteh1, Elham Sanatgar1 and Babak Heidary Alizadeh2,*

1Department of Entomology, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran

2Department of Pesticides, Iranian Research Institute of Plant Protection, Tehran, Iran


In this work, a copoly(lactic/glycolic)/cypermethrin nanoparticles was synthesized. A delivery system of insecticides induces active ingredient having desirable for pest control. The developed cypermethrin nanoparticles were then characterized by a UV-visible spectrophotometer, DLS and transmission electron microscope, proved that the spherical, medium sized (230-340 nm). This nanoparticles may be an efficient candidate as a insecticide for control cockroach after the biological study which is in progress.


Nanopesticide, Cypermethrin, Polylactic acid glycolide, Pesticides, Emulsion.

  • Asian J. Mat. Chem. /
  •  2018 /
  •  3(1-2) /
  •  pp 37-41
  • DOI:10.14233/ajmc.2018.AJMC-P64